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Bengal cats are known for their playful, energetic, and curious personalities, making them a popular choice among pet owners. However, it is important to understand their sleeping needs to ensure they receive a healthy amount of rest.

In this article, we will discuss the sleeping needs of Bengal cats, including how much sleep they need, where they like to sleep, and tips for helping your Bengal cat get the rest they need.

Why Do Bengal Cats Sleep So Much?

A Bengal kitten sleeping on a blue blanket in Texas. 

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Bengal cats’ innate biology and habits dictate how much sleep they need. In the wild, cats would spend the majority of their time hunting because they are obligate carnivores. 

Bengal cats are crepuscular animals, which means they are most active in the early morning and late night hours, and they have evolved to sleep for extended periods to conserve energy.

To remain vigilant and sensitive to possible prey or danger, cats’ sleep cycles are also distinguished by shorter intervals of deep sleep and longer intervals of light sleep. Additionally, cats carry the hormone melatonin, which aids with sleep. Cats are more prone to sleep at night because their bodies produce more melatonin, which makes them feel more exhausted.

Bengal Cat Sleeping Requirements

Bengal kittens may require a different sleeping arrangement than adult cats. Because they are still growing and developing, kittens need to sleep more to promote their growth. They require a secure and cozy area to sleep because they might sleep longer than adult cats.

With a cold, quiet, and dark room, these kittens might sleep longer. These cats can snooze and cuddle for hours on end without having to wake up if these requirements are satisfied.

Kittens want a soft and warm sleeping environment. If they want to curl up, you can give them a warm blanket or a comfy bed. Their bed must be in a warm place and think about giving them a heating pad or a blanket with insulation to keep them warm because they can feel cold easily, especially if they spend the night in a drafty environment.

Bengal kittens are inquisitive and can get into mischief quickly. Make sure the space where they will be sleeping is safe and secure, away from any potential dangers like electrical lines or stairs. 

Having several places for them to sleep might also be beneficial because they could want to snooze in different places at different times. For example, resting in a crate may make some kittens feel safer and more at ease. Make sure the kitten is comfortable and has a pleasant space in the crate that fits its size.

Bengal kittens who are having trouble sleeping may benefit from a change of scenery or from having a variety of games and distractions to keep them busy. For instance, if you frequently travel, leave your cat with someone you trust so they can give it the attention it needs.

They might like different kinds of beds

An award-winning Bengal breeder's bengal cat lounging in a cat bed.

Most Bengal cats might exhibit different preferences when it comes to their beds based on factors including surroundings, age, and personality. For instance, some people would like to sleep on a bed, whereas others might rather sleep on the ground. To ensure that your cat has the greatest possible environment, you must be aware of their specific bed preferences. 

You can determine your cat’s perfect play area by looking at its favorite kind of bed. Your cat may choose a cat hammock or cat tree over a bed, for instance, if it likes to play in the water. Similarly, a cat bed or cat litter box might be an excellent choice if your cat prefers to sleep by itself.

You can gently encourage your cat to adopt healthy routines and behaviors by taking into account these aspects. In this manner, your cat can take pleasure in feeling safe and at ease in its preferred setting.

It’s important to keep in mind that various cats may have unique preferences, some of which may evolve. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cat’s behavior and modify it as needed to make sure they have a cozy sleeping space.

They could prefer to sleep during the day

Since Bengal cats are crepuscular creatures, they are most active at dawn and dusk. They sleep for extended periods of the day but are generally more active at night. 

While some Bengal cats like to sleep at night, some prefer to sleep during the day. Because Bengal cats are nocturnal by nature and frequently struggle to acclimate to sunshine, this inclination is related to their hunting activities. But in addition to personal preferences, factors influencing sleeping patterns include age, health, and degree of activity.

To provide your Bengal cat with a comfortable area to sleep, you can offer them a variety of options, pay attention to what they choose, and make the required adjustments. In addition, think about including a warm spot, a private area, and a bed that is snug and comfortable. If you are worried about your cat’s sleeping patterns, speak with a veterinarian.

The Reasons Your Bengal Cat Could Nap on You

A Bengal cat from Superior Quality Bengals resting in a cat bed.

Because they originate from warm climates, Bengal cats prefer to nap during the day. Even though they are normally active at night, they usually just require a quick nap.

Bengal cats love to lay on warm surfaces, which includes people. Cats might be drawn to the comfort and warmth of a human body, and they could look for a comfortable place to sleep—a lap, a chest, or even a pillow by their human friend. 

Some Bengals might even choose to sleep on their human partner rather than in a regular bed or another place. Certain parts of the human body, such as the stomach or chest, may also be preferred by some cats.

Certain cats could also favor specific times of day or night to sleep on their owner. If your Bengal cat enjoys sleeping on you, it is crucial to make sure the cat is at ease and doesn’t wake you up. To give your cat a choice, you should also always offer it a cozy and secure area to sleep.

It’s also important to note that cats sleep for lengthy periods, so if your cat is resting on you, it’s probably simply napping and will soon move on to another area.


A Bengal kitten is looking out of a window with blinds.

Understanding the sleeping needs of Bengal cats is essential for providing them with a comfortable and healthy environment. As active and energetic animals, Bengal cats require ample opportunities for play and exercise during their waking hours.

However, it is equally important to create a peaceful and cozy space for them to rest and recharge. By providing a comfortable bed, ensuring a quiet environment, and allowing them to establish a consistent sleep routine, you can ensure that your Bengal cat gets the quality sleep they need.

Investing in Bengal cats means investing in their overall well-being, including their sleep habits. Get your new Bengal companion from Lone Star Bengals, a reputable and award-winning Bengal cat breeder in Texas.