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Lone Star Bengal Cats

4 the scrutinized bengal enthusiast!

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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Area Quality Bengal Kittens & Cats

What to know

Please adopt your Bengal kitten from a breeder who annually screens for HCM. HCM can appear in all cat breeds, NO line is safe or clear from this feline disease. Screening lessens the odds and ethical breeders are concerned about the health and welfare filtering out diseases before they get passed onto offspring. I am sure you would agree it is worth it! LSB is FeLV and FIV Free cattery.

LSB passion and focus is to offer Bengal kittens from Texas using very scrutinized champion bloodlines to ensure that our kittens are superior quality, healthy and well socialized with charismatic personalities and friendly temperaments ready for your home as companions. Lone Star Bengals seriously takes the placing top quality kittens in homes where they will be loved and cared for a lifetime, a commitment.

As a knowledgeable reputable and responsible Texas Bengal Breeder, Lone Star Bengals is a health-focused, award-winning program that has earned:

  • TICA Outstanding Cattery of Excellence (The International Cat Association)
  • TIBCS Breeder of Distinction (The International Bengal Cat Society BOD)
  • Jean Mills Visionary Award Receiptant
  • Bengals Illustrated-Certified Reputable Breeder Program
  • Certified Reputable Breeder of Bengal

What is included in our price package

  1. Comprehensive written contract (to be initiated at delivery) that protects the buyer’s and the kitten’s welfare with a three-year health guarantee.
  2. ISO microchipped and registration
  3. Spay/neuter
  4. Vet Exam Report card
  5. Age-appropriate Vaccinations (Mercury FREE)
  6. TICA registration & Application form
  7. Parents health records to prove commitment to our program that shows our transparence
  8. Blanket goes home with siblings’ smells
  9. Samples of food and treats of they are eating
  10. Selection of favorite toys
  11. Allowed to leave 12-14 weeks. Any kitten leaving at an earlier age is being short-cut with things Mom instill/teaches
Actively Screening Breeding Cats for HCM


Bengal Cats

For more info email us at to request my questionnaire to learn more about each other before approval