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Lone Star Bengal Cats

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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Area Quality Bengal Kittens & Cats


An award-winning Bengal breeder in Texas presents a superior quality Bengal kitten sitting on a table next to a flower pot.

I cannot recommend Marla and Lone-Star Bengals enough. If you are interested in the Bengal breed, you already know that this is a very special type of domestic cat. I have been lucky to live with Bengals from the genetic lines of Lonestar and their sister cattery Cheetahsden for over 26 years. Each one has become a beloved part of my family for life.

Lonestar Bengals makes the adoption process very straightforward and organized. Each step is explained, an information folder with all the paperwork, veterinary certificates, microchip registration if desired, acclimatization instructions, diet recommendations, etc. Marla even provided in-person delivery service to my local airport, making the whole process easy and much less stressful for the kitty ( and me ! ) The sight of driving up to the drop-off terminal and seeing a lady wearing a spotted coat, standing and cradling a little spotted kitten made my day! Marla and her sister Kelli will always be the only ones I would consider for very special Bengal babies.

David Fukuchi
Two Bengal cats from Lone Star Bengal Cats in Texas, showcasing their feline passion as they look out of a window.

Marla and Bill are two of the most dedicated people when it comes to their Bengals. When we drove out to meet them and our potential new addition they welcomed us into their home and made us feel like family. We fell instantly in love with all the kittens, so much so that we quickly realized we wanted (and needed) two of them! Due to the amazing work they do to socialize the kittens and make sure they are litter trained, they fit seamlessly into our home and I feel like they’ve been a part of our family forever. There’s never a boring moment with our two “kids” and they get sweeter and sweeter every day. They are our little “ham-and-cheese-sandwiches” (they LOVE attention) and we love them to pieces. Thank you to Marla and Bill for raising two beautiful and loving ladies.

Leslie & Sam Hegger
A Bengal cat relaxing on a bench surrounded by trees.

I visited Lone Star Bengals and found two of the most committed people, Marla and Bill, to their Bengal cats and kittens. Those cats are so well cared for and healthy and spoiled… I was truly impressed. I drove from Oregon to Texas to pick-up my kitten. Marla and her husband checked in every night to assure that the kitten and I were safe and doing well on our way back home. Great people, great cats.

Judy D Smith
A woman peacefully bonding with a Bengal cat on her lap.

When it became evident that I was soon to be alone, I asked my husband for a Bengal cat. Jezebel was already trained to walk on a leash, play fetch, and run on her wheel. It didn’t take her long to train me to do these things with her. She now loves to play soccer because she always wins. I’m just not that fast.

She was supposed to not be a lap cat, but she seldom leaves my side and loves to sleep on me. She loves to show off all of her tricks to anyone who walks in the door. I would love her to have a baby sibling.

Judy Scholl
from parent Scott

Lonestarbengals is the best place in the DFW area to buy a Bengal! Marla and her husband are so sweet and made the process easy! I purchased a beautiful Snow Lynx Bengal here I named Loki. He is so sweet and energetic, of course, as all bengals usually are. Marla is very knowledgeable about Bengals and prepare the kittens and owners for the transition into a new home so easily. They are also quick to reply on any questions after the transition and love to see the kitten grow up on social media. They truly care about the kittens. I definitely recommend this company. There are many scams online pretending to sell bengals so if that is your worry, you can take my word here this is legit.

Cameron Scott
An award-winning Bengal breeder's feline passion on display with a cat laying on a bed.

Miso has been apart of the family for a little over two years now and has become the best little bud! He wears sweaters, plays fetch, and even goes on walks. He becomes best friends with any dog he meets and is the biggest cuddle bug. Two cat trees, multiple tunnels, a huge bin of toys, and his car rides are all it takes to make him the happiest boy in the world! I’ve absolutely loved my experience with Lone Star Bengals and I cannot thank y’all enough for giving me my special boy pictured below!

Taylor Simons

Marla is amazing. She raises the most beautiful well behaved bengals. We got 2 from her last year. Brutus and maximus. They are absolutely a blessing. She is the best breader I’ve ever seen. The kittens come to you so loved and have a steller health record. She puts so much passion into the life of these amazing animals. Wr are so lucky we found her

Amanda Gilliland
A Bengal kitten lounging on a wooden table.

Freya is doing very well and is a happy, healthy kitty. Her colors came out even more beautiful than when she was a kitten. She’s rarely more than 5ft from either her mom or dad.

Will Brookshire

We love all of the cute kitties here at the vet! The Faulkner’s take AMAZING care of these cats. Best breeders around that actually care about the well-being of the cat!❤️ I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Y’all are awesome! 😁

Sierra Mitchell
An award-winning Bengal breeder's feline passion captured in an international winning photo of a cat sleeping on a couch next to a remote control.

I’m so incredibly happy an blessed to have my beautiful fur baby jasmine or jazz for short. She keeps us all very entertained with some of the crazy stuff that she does. Every night before bed she will toss her favorite mouse around the living room am that same mouse has to be with her at all times even when she eats. She loves to climb an explore just about anything an everything possible. She’s a sweet baby who loves to cuddle and talk to me and my daughter while we get ready for work in the morning.

Brenda Wood
An award-winning Bengal breeder showcasing a superior quality Bengal cat.

Having fallen in love with the Bengal breed from getting a rescue years ago, when we eventually lost our dear blue Bengal Iris after many years of joy with her, we were absolutely heartbroken. We knew we needed to get another blue Bengal. After looking around, the path lead us to Lonestar Bengals. As luck would have it, a single blue female had just been born. An only child! So rare. We knew it was meant to be. I could go on and on about Lola, but she is just the funniest quirkiest addition to our household. She is very well behaved for a Bengal, she does not climb on things or do any of the usual Bengal mischievous pranks. But personality, man does she have it! Thank you Lonestar Bengals!

Amanda Suter
An award-winning Bengal breeder's cat gazes up at the camera from a cozy rug.

My little 2 year old, Bagel, is the most beautiful boy. He has the best personality and is so loving and sweet. Marla did such a good job with him since he was a little behind in his development, she made sure that he was healthy! When I decide it’s time for another cat, there is no doubt that I will be reaching out the Marla again about her latest litters!

Nikki Hernandez
Two Bengal kittens lounging inside a cardboard box.

These two cats are amazing and I wouldn’t change them a bit. Brutus is shaped big like their dad PJ, with Max taking more after their mom with a more slender look. They’re absolutely purfect with a great temperament, we get nothing but compliments and I wouldn’t trade them for anything we absolutely love them.

Kris & Amanda Gilliland

O Moon x Clarisca20


Thank you for bringing Moku to us Marla! She’s a total gem! We love her so much and are so grateful for having Moku in our family. We recently relocated to Hong Kong and Marla has been such a wonderful and amazing help. Marla went above and beyond to support us.

Rachel Tang

We now have two cats from Lone Star Bengals, and wouldn’t hesitate to add another in the future. Marla has such knowledge about the Bengal breed, and the love and care she has for her cats shines through in the kittens that she breeds. Our two have the sweetest personalities, and although there is a three year age gap they have fast become best buddies and are now inseparable. I would thoroughly recommend Lone Star and Marla if you’re looking to add a Bengal to your family.

Catherine Pattison

I’m single and work unpredictable hours. So my other cat, a Siamese, needed a pal I decided. And these two took to one another on day one (closely supervised just to be safe, of course). Parker is not only stunning to look at—she’s an assertive, genuinely friendly cat that has immeasurably enhanced my life (and my other cat’s) and makes me smile everyday. Ms. Faulkner is a pro — exceptional breeding with a good temperament and exactly what a Bengal should look like. I was also really grateful she met me halfway between where we both lived for the handoff of the new kitten— which was very generous of her. Very pleased.

Kyle S

Just wanted to let you know Fury is doing great and such a little lover. Thank you for the info! I figured has was just growing and a little chunky monkey. We absolutely love him and are so happy. Thank you so much again. Dot needed a friend.

Laura Donaldson

Leia is doing so well. Attached to me and like a shadow. I can’t get enough of her.

Vahid Manian

Mazie, We are so enjoying her!! She’s so much fun and has so much personality, we just love her! My kids played for 4 hours straight on and just can’t get enough of her. Jasper accepted her into the family nicely, he actually moved over and shared his little bed with her. They’re so cute together, they have the exact same feet! I love it, Jaspers are just jumbo sized and Maizes are tiny, so Cute!

Leah Johnson

Hey Marla, I wanted to let you know how Mia/Reba has turned out to be a perfect match. She gets lots of treats and loves sardines lol. Yes, we took a small road trip and it turns out she LOVES the car. It’s actually the point when she really transitioned and started to trust us

Robert Bradley

The boys are doing awesome. Loki is just a bundle of energy and loves cuddles. Thor plays so well with his brother and likes to sleep on my daughter’s bed. My older female cat has pretty much made Thor her adopted son. He stays with her for most other than when it’s play time. The kids are in love with the kittens.

Sara & Andrew Weagle

I’m so in love with him, I can’t even begin to explain it. Thank you! Zeke is training us during every waking hour lol. He’s asleep on Chris at the moment, napped on me this morning. In between we are required to play, play, play! He almost always naps on a human. We are very well trained!!! He is definitely the alpha but he to really enjoys the girls.

Karen Roig

Oh my! Ellie, Sheis TOTALLY kid approved! They love her…and she loves them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful addition to our pack!

Jeri Bordelon

Hope all is well, I just wanted to share how Kenai is doing. She’s grown to be a very kind and beautiful lady. She’s a bit of daddy’s girl (Olaf), she is our little princess and now she rules the house. Kenai has George wrapped around her little paw and wants to play she meows for him.

Olaf & Alicia Coletti

Tiki, We love her to pieces! She’s actually the perfect pet for us in that she’s not too wild. She sleeps most of the day but wakes in the evening when everyone is home and stirring about. It’s been fun watching her personality come out. I think she’s happy here too. She has a cat condo, some cat beds, shelves to climb, her water fountain and a giant window. When she sleeps, she’s almost always in her cat cave but in the evening she comes out and hangs out with everyone. She is Queen of the castle and we love it!

James McDonald

We’re proud to have Beau as part of our family, he’s doing very well. Snug as a bug.

Bill Bailey

Coco, He’s a lover that’s for sure! He and my 9-year-old son have bonded immensely too. That makes us feel so good. Thank you, Marla, xoxo

Meg Florence

Jasmine has to have her Buddy with her everywhere she goes. She puts her little Mouse in her food bowl all the time while she eats. I take it out and she’ll go get it and put it back in her bowl. She’s so adorable, she and Daffy chase each other around the house who loves her baby sister. I love her so much, she’s a Mess.

Brenda Wood

They have been a joy to us. Leia has darkened to a beautiful coat. Aubie is so curious. He follows us around and watches everything we do. He looks like he is trying to figure out our human world. The two of them are great playmates together. I love watching them play hide and seek. Aubie hid under a blanket while Leia laid on top of it tracking his moves.

Lois Pope

Noah is gorgeous and brings us so much joy! He has so much glitter in his coat too! So thankful I found you. I have sung the birthday song to Noah several times today and he just looks at me like I am crazy lol.

Jeanne Berry

Yes, Kona is such a friendly cat. He comes up to everyone he sees. Unlike any cat I’ve ever met. Including strangers. He’s funny and cute at all times.

Tony Chavez

Hi, hope all is well with you! Thought you’d like to know Nala has settled in very happily and is now best bubbies with Gryffin!! Although he looks permanently surprised about her arrival. She’s very smart, playful and LOVES to chat so we couldn’t be any happier with her.

Catherine Pattison

They are doing great!!! Leo has been so respectful of Lucy, and she came into the house so relaxed and not scared at all. It must be that she came into a ‘cat house’. She is such an incredible sweetheart, and he loves having a gal pal!!! They are so happy. I actually think they’re soul mates 😊 they truly enjoy each other’s company and get along so well. Best pairing ever!

Shannon Miller

Absolutely! Tobias, He’s obsessed with me and follows me around the whole house! I know his nap and play schedule and he wakes me up on time for work.

Roy Gonzales

Marla Faulkner is a wonderful breeder to work with. I had the pleasure of adopting one of her adult retirees that had been in her program. She had worked with him to help him with the transition from her home to mine and had taken the care and precautions to make sure he was ready for his forever home. He was mentally, emotionally, and socially prepared by Marla as she does with all of her kittens to fit right into his new home environment. He is trained and very well behaved, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. The hard work she had put into him, as she does with all of her Bengals, truly shows. Her Bengals have amazing coats to match their amazing personalities. She is a dedicated, knowledgeable breeder with a deep passion for her program and each one of her kittens. Lone Star Bengals provides their kittens with the enrichment, socialization, and love needed for the kittens (or retirees) to adapt to their new families with ease and prosperity.

Amanda Postier 

I just adopted a beautiful male bengal kitten from Marla named Cubby. He is very loving and playful and I’m thrilled to have him. She and her husband were very pleasant and helpful to work with and made the experience enjoyable. I would adopt from Marla again if I decide to get another Bengal!

Vanessa Blaine 

After searching many websites for a Bengal kitty, we decided on Lone Star Bengals. We made a home visit prior to making our decision and we were glad we did! The love and care that Marla shows to her cats and kittens is quite apparent. She and her husband have a large knowledge base that they shared with us, ensuring that we made the right decision. We received our kitty, Maizey, as promised and she even sent us home with a “goody bag”! A great big thanks to Lone Star Bengals!!!

Alana Merrick 

My husband and I had been looking for a new cat. I was just looking at different breeds of cats. There was a pic of some Bengals. We began researching their behavior and calling breeders to get info on these beautiful cats. We did not want to have to travel very far to look at one. So we started searching around our area. We found Marla’s website. I gave her a call and just by speaking to Marla about the Bangles you could tell she was very passionate about here babies. Marla sent us pics of the bengal kittens she had. Me and my husband picked one out of the pics that was sent. We made plans to visit her and the cattery. We had already named the kitten (Simba). Marla made sure that the kitten was litter trained and leash trained and Simba even knew his name when we picked him up. When we first saw Simba it was love at first sight. Marla made the new experience with Simba easy. Marla was there to answer any questions I might have had regarding Simba. I’m am still to this day glad to be a customer and a friend of Marla. I would recommend Marla’s cattery if you are looking for a beautiful and healthy Bengal.

Melissa Fields 

It was love at first sight when we saw Spiderman’s photo on LoneStar Bengals website: we just had to have him! Speaking to Marla on the phone sealed the deal. It was quite evident that in addition to being a knowledgeable breeder, she was a sweet, caring, person. She puts alot of work and love into her program. In the months we were waiting for Spider to be ready to leave his home in Texas and come to us, we were kept abreast of all his goings-on. There were emails and photos and even a few cute videos of Spider catching bugs and drinking from the sink, and cuddling with his buddy Marco. We were especially touched by the care package which arrived a couple days ahead of him. It contained a binder with some photos and his papers, medical record, information on what type of litter he was used to, what brand of food and treats, a few cat toys and his blanket. We met him at the airport, blanket in hand, which I believe helped greatly in his transition. Never a day goes by that he doesn’t make us smile… we are happy to be part of the LoneStar family. Highly recommended!

Maria Pace 

My husband and I had always admired the way Bengal cats looked. We began researching their behaviors and characteristics and decided it was time to see some of these lovely cats in person. We found Marla’s cattery online and arranged a meeting to “only come look” at her cats. Upon arriving we were greeted by the sweetest woman and a number of gorgeous cats. Needless to say, “just looking” turned into us welcoming our Prince Charming Bengal as the newest addition to our family. Our home would not be complete without him now. He loves having his belly rubbed, “talking” to me about his nightly slice of sandwich meat, and most recently he has decided he loves my son’s wheelchair. Marla truly cares about her cats as well. She has kept in close contact with our family and enjoys seeing pictures and hearing stories about Prince. I highly recommend Lone Star Bengals if you are interested in making a Bengal part of your family!!

Kerri Mizell 

Marla Faulkner with LoneStar Bengals has an amazing quality of Bengal cat…she strives for perfection and succeeds in every aspect. Marla’s Bengals are extremely well socialized and have amazing personalities!! I wouldn’t imagine adopting or becoming the slave of any other Bengal cat other than Marla’s cats. You won’t be disappointed!

Carolyn Kuiken 

We love Marla! Her kitties are very sweet and make wonderful family members. Our beautiful Benner came from Lonestar and I don’t know what we would do without him. He and my son are best friends. I could not recommend a better person and breeder. Thank you Marla!

Amy Tong 

I got both my bengal babies from Marla, and have loved them since day 1! I got Kurt when he was about 3-4 months old. I went to Marla’s house to see him and stayed for several hours playing with all the babies and having her answer all my questions. Marla is very knowledgable about the breed and loves them so much! I was so impressed that I got my second bengal from her as well when Kurt was around a year old. There were some babies available, but she had an adult (Kiya) available too. Kiya is such a sweet, loving girl and with Marla’s pro tips and encouragement we were able to successfully integrate her into our home where we also have two English Bulldogs! I love the fact that Marla stays in touch and I can always go to her with any questions or concerns!

Nicole McKinney 

Marla Faulkner from Lone Star Bengals is an awesome person and take great care of her kitties. I have a beautiful snow and am waiting for my second Bengal from her. I recommend her to anyone. She breeds healthy beautiful kittens.

Jessica Rodriguez 

I bought my Wiley from Marla. He is the best companion Bengal. Marla socializes all her Bengals. From 3 days old on, she is holding them. My Wiley is so confident, inquisitive and charming. Also the more I learn about the bengal breed, the standard from going to the On Safari Bengal Cat and all breed Cat Shows, the more I realize how wild looking my Wileys is. He has small rounded ears, beautiful dome shaped head and profile. His head to body proportions are perfect. He has the long lean muscular body with the hind quarters being higher like a wild mountain lion only tame, loving, purring, head butting. Marla has helped me with all things Bengal over the years. She spent a lot of time getting to know me before she sold Wileys to me and over the years has been consistently available to answer any Bengal questions I have. I highly recommend Marla as a Bengal breeder. Everything I am saying is true. I have known Marla for years. Her Bengals have the wild look, wonderful personalities and are so smart.

Susan Henderson 

Marla had a cat that she’d reserved as a breeder. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do his job. So we got him as a two-year-old. That’s not the ideal adoption age, but despite the trauma of multiple stresses, he adapted to our home.

Magnum has always been affectionate and he also learns quickly (and he’s pretty good at training us, too). He is anxious to please. He’s “helping” type this message. (Unfortunately his spelling is not too good.) I do not know if pictures can be inserted into this message, but I am sending Marla a picture of Magnum looking out from under a pillow, attempting to initiate a game of “hide-and-seek.”

Marla has been great to work with.

Robert Williams 

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