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I bought my Wiley from Marla. He is the best companion Bengal. Marla socializes all her Bengals. From 3 days old on, she is holding them. My Wiley is so confident, inquisitive and charming. Also the more I learn about the bengal breed, the standard from going to the On Safari Bengal Cat and all breed Cat Shows, the more I realize how wild looking my Wileys is. He has small rounded ears, beautiful dome shaped head and profile. His head to body proportions are perfect. He has the long lean muscular body with the hind quarters being higher like a wild mountain lion only tame, loving, purring, head butting. Marla has helped me with all things Bengal over the years. She spent a lot of time getting to know me before she sold Wileys to me and over the years has been consistently available to answer any Bengal questions I have. I highly recommend Marla as a Bengal breeder. Everything I am saying is true. I have known Marla for years. Her Bengals have the wild look, wonderful personalities and are so smart.