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Lone Star Bengal Cats

4 the scrutinized bengal enthusiast!

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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Area Quality Bengal Kittens & Cats

Lonestarbengals is the best place in the DFW area to buy a Bengal! Marla and her husband are so sweet and made the process easy! I purchased a beautiful Snow Lynx Bengal here I named Loki. He is so sweet and energetic, of course, as all bengals usually are. Marla is very knowledgeable about Bengals and prepare the kittens and owners for the transition into a new home so easily. They are also quick to reply on any questions after the transition and love to see the kitten grow up on social media. They truly care about the kittens. I definitely recommend this company. There are many scams online pretending to sell bengals so if that is your worry, you can take my word here this is legit.