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Lone Star Bengal Cats

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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Area Quality Bengal Kittens & Cats

I cannot recommend Marla and Lone-Star Bengals enough. If you are interested in the Bengal breed, you already know that this is a very special type of domestic cat. I have been lucky to live with Bengals from the genetic lines of Lonestar and their sister cattery Cheetahsden for over 26 years. Each one has become a beloved part of my family for life.

Lonestar Bengals makes the adoption process very straightforward and organized. Each step is explained, an information folder with all the paperwork, veterinary certificates, microchip registration if desired, acclimatization instructions, diet recommendations, etc. Marla even provided in-person delivery service to my local airport, making the whole process easy and much less stressful for the kitty ( and me ! ) The sight of driving up to the drop-off terminal and seeing a lady wearing a spotted coat, standing and cradling a little spotted kitten made my day! Marla and her sister Kelli will always be the only ones I would consider for very special Bengal babies.