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Lone Star Bengal Cats

4 the scrutinized bengal enthusiast!

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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Area Quality Bengal Kittens & Cats

Marla and Bill are two of the most dedicated people when it comes to their Bengals. When we drove out to meet them and our potential new addition they welcomed us into their home and made us feel like family. We fell instantly in love with all the kittens, so much so that we quickly realized we wanted (and needed) two of them! Due to the amazing work they do to socialize the kittens and make sure they are litter trained, they fit seamlessly into our home and I feel like they’ve been a part of our family forever. There’s never a boring moment with our two “kids” and they get sweeter and sweeter every day. They are our little “ham-and-cheese-sandwiches” (they LOVE attention) and we love them to pieces. Thank you to Marla and Bill for raising two beautiful and loving ladies.