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Lone Star Bengal Cats

4 the scrutinized bengal enthusiast!

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Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Area Quality Bengal Kittens & Cats

Marla Faulkner is a wonderful breeder to work with. I had the pleasure of adopting one of her adult retirees that had been in her program. She had worked with him to help him with the transition from her home to mine and had taken the care and precautions to make sure he was ready for his forever home. He was mentally, emotionally, and socially prepared by Marla as she does with all of her kittens to fit right into his new home environment. He is trained and very well behaved, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. The hard work she had put into him, as she does with all of her Bengals, truly shows. Her Bengals have amazing coats to match their amazing personalities. She is a dedicated, knowledgeable breeder with a deep passion for her program and each one of her kittens. Lone Star Bengals provides their kittens with the enrichment, socialization, and love needed for the kittens (or retirees) to adapt to their new families with ease and prosperity.