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Mom Cindy Lou

This litter of a ‘box of chocolates’ has a big variety of 5 kittens, 2 females, 3 males. PJ and Cindy Lou always throws us litters full of blues which is a different choice of the standard browns. LSB can fill your request when you are looking for non-standard sprinkled with some seal sepias.

Mom Cindy Lou is on the timid side so it has been a pleasure to hold these ‘stealth’ litter of quiet kittens along with big sister Mercedes to help become confident. this will be our last litter of this year so it will be early 2023 before more kittens on the ground. Inquiries Welcomed.


Bengal Cats

For more info email us at marla@lonestarbengals.com to request my questionnaire to learn more about each other before approval